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Thin Aerogel Insulation Easy to Install on Underground Steam Lines

Flexible, waterproof aerogel a perfect fit in confined pipe tunnels
  • Insulation of 10-in and 5-in underground steam distribution lines located in tunnels at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • 10-in piping was 204°C (399°F), 5-in piping was 99°C (210°F).
  • Steam lines were located in confined spaces with difficult access.
  • Tunnels are periodically flooded, creating wet, humid conditions.
  • Existing calcium silicate was saturated with water, causing it to perform poorly and need replacement after one year.
  • Anchor Insulation designed and installed a solution of flexible, durable, hydrophobic 6 mm Pyrogel® 6350 aerogel insulation.
  • Three layers of Pyrogel 6350 were used for 10-in piping, two layers for 5-in piping.
  • Aerogel blankets were cut on site for straight pipe sections.
  • Pre-fabricated "lobster tail" sections were used for elbows.
  • Each layer was installed separately, using staples on each layer and then banding or wiring each elbow gore and banding straight pipes. All wire and banding was stainless steel.
  • Pyrogel insulation performance unaffected over time by the wet environment, due to hydrophobicity of aerogel.
  • Aerogel easier to handle and install in limited spaces in manhole.
  • Aerogel less dusty than other insulation materials.
  • Installation was simple with blankets cut on-site with utility knife or scissors, and fitted lobster tail patterns for elbows.
  • Anchor did not have to order specific pipe-sized preformed insulation or encounter delays if it did not fit pipes. Pyrogel was a "one size fits all" solution, cut from roll to fit all pipe sizes.
"It was a very congested space and conventional calcium silicate insulation is difficult to transport into a manhole. Pyrogel is very thin, very flexible, and lighter. Handling is much easier, especially in confined, tight areas."

Jerry Fiske
Anchor Insulation Company

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Pyrogel® 6350

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