PT Aspen Indo Aeroteknika

Aerogel Blanket Insulates Entire New Polycarbonate Plant

Easily installed on entire plant´s piping, towers, tanks, and drums
  • Insulate piping, towers, tanks, and drums for entire new Cheil polycarbonate plant in South Korea.
  • The design goal was heat conservation.
  • Process temperature was 121°-343°C (250°-650°F).
  • Aspen Aerogels provided a large supply of Pyrogel® 6350 and Pyrogel® 10350 material for insulating the plant.
  • The Pyrogel insulation met heat conservation requirements throughout the plant.
  • The insulation was efficient to install, particularly on towers and vessels, enabling contractors to lower the labor cost and total installed cost.
  • The aerogel solution was one of the lowest total installed cost solutions.
  • The aerogel solution also provided huge energy savings due to its water resistance properties.
Product Used

Pyrogel® 6350
Pyrogel® 10350

Product OverviewCustomer

Cheil Yeosu, South Korea

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