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ParaClad™ Aerogel-Insulated Panel System Reduces U-Values of Mobile Home by 55% and Carbon Emission by 1 Metric

Exterior insulation installs quickly with minimal occupancy disruption
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  • Provide insulation for UK government program to upgrade insulation in mobile homes at a targeted cost.
  • The insulation needed to improve the homes´ U-values to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Fast and cost effective installation was required.
  • Parasol Panel Systems LLP designed a solution of ParaClad™ panels using Spaceloft™ 9251 to cover the mobile home exterior.
  • The solution was composed of a double skin laminate over Spaceloft™ 9251 with a total thickness of 13 mm.
  • Two workers insulated the entire structure in two days with minimal occupancy disruption.
  • The ParaClad™ panel system met U Value and other functional requirements.
  • The ParaClad™ panel system using Spaceloft 9251 cost-effectively
    met all energy targets. (Details below.)
  • Using thin Spaceloft 9251 insulation eliminated the need to modify window and roof fixtures, which would have been necessary with conventional exterior insulation.
  • The increased transmission loss of the new wall has greatly
    reduced the noise level within the home.
U-Value and Energy Savings From Installation of ParaClad™ Panel System Using Spaceloft 9251 Insulation*
  • U-value reduction: 0.54 W/m2k, (0.98 - 0.44 W/m2K), a 55% reduction
  • Energy reduction: 3,500 kWhr/yr
  • Carbon emmission reduction: 950 kg/yr

*Calculations performed using the SAP-approved software package Northgate Maxim 5.

Product Used

Spaceloft® 9251

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