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Aerogel Insulation Ideal for Slim Solar Panels

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  • Collector pipes insulation for new solar thermal panel developed by Solar Century.
  • The panel was required to be super slim (25 mm) to replace existing roofing tiles.
  • This meant the insulation needed to be about 9 mm. (Typical panels use 50 mm of mineral wool.)
  • The temperature range at the collector pipes is 65°-200°C (149°-392°F) depending on operation cycle.
  • Aspen Aerogels designed a solution of 9 mm of flexible, durable Spaceloft™ 9251, which meets the thermal performance of 50 mm of mineral wool.
  • The parts are water jet cut by Polyformes and installed by Solar Century.
  • The aerogel solution provided the required thermal performance while minimizing insulation thickness, meeting the key criteria.
  • The very low conductive heat generated savings over conventional insulating materials during night hours.
  • Spaceloft™ 9251 generates no negative VOCs through the operating temperature range of 65°-200°C (149°-392°F).
Product Used

Spaceloft® 9251

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