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Aerogel Heat Shielding Improves Bus Passenger Comfort With Less Volume

High-performance thermal barrier insulation is 22 mm thinner
Original Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
  • Insulation shielding of bus turbo engine compartment.
  • The insulation was needed to reduce the temperature inside the rear of the bus and improve passenger comfort.
  • Heat from engine elements, especially the turbo, was as high as 140°C (284°F).
  • With engine compartments becoming increasingly compact, high-performance insulation with limited volume was required.
  • The insulation solution had to resist diesel oil spills and high-pressure water cleaning.
  • The insulation performance could not degrade over time.
  • Carpenter designed a solution of Spaceloft™ 6250 encapsulated between two metalized polyester foils.
  • Total thickness was 8 mm, compared to 30 mm of previous insulation.
  • Aerogel solution delivered required thermal performance while dramatically reducing insulation thickness by 22 mm.
  • Encapsulated pieces were easily installed with rivets in high-temperature zones of engine compartment.
Product Used

Spaceloft® 6250

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Carpenter is a provider
of innovative acoustic
solutions and is a
Golden Decibel Award
finalist for the acoustic
treatment of this bus

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