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Aerogel Insulation Dramatically Saves Space and Weight on Yacht Exhausts

Aerogel provides high temperature resistance, flexibility to fit exhausts
Original Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
  • High performance insulation was required to protect the electrical cables from excessive heat generated by electrical equipment located in close vicinity.
  • The design space for insulation was just 10 mm.
  • The insulation performance required fire resistance, water resistance, and ageing properties typical for train applications.
  • Hochuen developed a solution with fiberglass-encapsulated Pyrogel® 6350, which met both the performance and installation requirements of the space-restricted opportunity.
  • The parts were pre-cut and fabricated to facilitate easy on-site installation.
  • Hochuen´s solution reduced the temperature to below the recommended performance limit of the cabling.
  • It was a cost-effective solution for the space-restricted
    opportunity. The alternative was a complete redesign of the train undercarriage.
Product Used

Spaceloft® 6350

Product OverviewFabrication and Installation Partner

Hochuen (Shenzhen
Nano-Energy Solution
Technology Co., Ltd.)

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