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Tubing Bundles 33% Smaller and 30% Lighter With Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel provides equal thermal protection as fibrous glass insulation
Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Provide new insulation solution for Dekoron/Unitherm´s Integrity Series Electric Traced Tubing Bundle for Mercury Gas Analyzers.
  • Reduce diameter and weight of existing tubing bundle insulated with fibrous glass thermal insulation.
  • Ensure no loss of thermal protection for heated tubes inside bundle.
  • Aspen Aerogels developed a solution of Pyrogel® 2250 flexible blanket insulation.
  • The Pyrogel 2250 could be applied to the tubing bundles using conventional equipment and processes.
  • The Pyrogel 2250 insulation solution reduced the diameter of the tubing bundle 33% and its weight 30% (compared to the same bundle insulated with fibrous glass thermal insulation).
  • The lighter weight and smaller package reduced the overall cost of ownership by reducing the cost of the mounting infastructure, simplifying routing, and speeding up installation.
  • Pyrogel is water resistant.