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ToastyFeet™ Aerogel Insoles Stand Up to Subzero Cold of Mount Everest

"The only problem I had was my feet were too hot. What a great problem to have as a mountaineer!" -- Ann Parmenter, who summitted Mt. Everest on
May 25, 2006, wearing ToastyFeet™ insoles
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  • Aerogel is an effective underfoot barrier to extreme cold.
  • Insoles made with aerogel are light and thin enough to fit into almost any boot or shoe.
  • Aerogel insoles are strong and flexible - ideal for the most demanding outdoor conditions.
  • Aerogel insulation maintains performance under load: At 15 psi pressure, retains over 85% of its unloaded insulation performance.
  • Aerogel is durable in normal wash/dry cycle.
  • Thinner profile of aerogel insole allows more fashion and design options.
I used ToastyFeet™ insoles in my boots throughout the Everest climb. And I only wore one pair of socks, as my feet were perfectly comfortable and warm without liner socks.

Ann Parmenter, Mountaineer