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Aerogel Maintains Superior Thermal Performance In Intense Conditions

Aerogel encapsulates foot for maximum protection even when compressed
Outdoor Gear & Apparel
  • Provide advanced insulation for a new winter boot manufactured by Red Wing´s Vasque division.
  • The insulation needed to maintain thermal performance in severe cold climate environments while under the intense compression of climbing conditions.
  • The insulation also needed to be thin for boot comfort.
  • Competing insulation was a lofted insulation material.
  • Aspen Aerogels developed a solution of Pyrogel® 2250 that was only 2 mm thick, met all the boot´s requirements, and offered better thermal performance than Thinsulate.
  • Pyrogel 2250 was integrated into the insole, toe, heel, upper boot, and ankle area, completely encapsulating the foot in aerogel.
  • Pyrogel 2250 delivered excellent thermal performance even when compressed underfoot.
  • Its 2 mm thickness throughout the boot was ideal for comfort while remaining an outstanding barrier to the severe cold and extreme high altitude conditions mountain climbers face.
  • The aerogel solution allowed the customer to launch a boot brand featuring a new, revolutionary insulation material - creating buzz in the highly competitive consumer marketplace.
Product UsedPyrogel® 2250Product OverviewInstallation Partner

Genfort Shoe Limited
Zhongshane, China

Fabrication Partner