PT Aspen Indo Aeroteknika

Piping Pre-Insulated With Aerogel Reduces Installation Cost and Increases Pipe Density in Small Spaces

  • Insulate small diameter piping that has a process temperature of up to 400°F (204° C).
  • Reduce installation cost 50%.
  • Reduce finished pipe diameter to increase loading in pipe racks.
  • Eliminate insulation gaps to minimize loss.
  • Provide a fully sealed system that is not affected by weather or rain.
  • Provide tubing to meet exacting bio/pharmaceutical standards. (BPE-6200)
  • Dekoron/Unitherm integrated 2 mm Pyrogel 2250 aerogel insulation with a continuous, extruded thermoplastic outer jacket.
  • Dekoron/Unitherm developed two versions of the outer jacket: one for its 6200 Preinsulated Pipe (welded, coupled, and flanged pipe), and another for its BPE-6200 Preinsulated Pipe (orbitally welded pipe and fittings).
  • Installation costs were cut 30%-50%.
  • Aerogel-insulated pipe was 30% smaller than pipe insulated with fiberglass and 50% smaller than pipe insulated with calcium silicate.
  • Aerogel provided gap-free insulation with consistent and predictable thermal properties.
  • Insulation properties did not deteriorate in water: pipes could be soaked and dried without affecting thermal properties.
  • Aerogel was integrated with a continuous, weather resistant outer jacket that had no seams to leak. Jacket material could be tailored for the environment and withstood repeated cleaning without degradation.
  • Preinsulated, prefabricated pipes (carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty alloy) minimized environmental contamination during installation.