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6 mm Aerogel Dramatically Reduces External Surface Temperature of Piping

Safe touch temperature reached with minimal amount of aerogel insulation
  • Insulate piping that has a diameter of 274 mm and a process temperature of 120°C (248°F).
  • The insulation objectives were to:
  1. Eliminate heat dispersion from the piping into the surrounding room.
  2. Balance cost and thickness to achieve a safe surface touch temperature of 60°C (140°F).
  3. Provide a finished surface that didn´t require metallic cladding.
  4. Keep the overall diameter of the insulated piping small so more piping can fit in the space later.
  • Agosti Isolazioni Termiche installed an aerogel solution of 6 mm Pyrogel® 6350 using a specifically chosen adhesive that was tested prior to installation.
  • The external surface was covered with layers of varnish that were tested prior to installation.
  • Piping was colored in green to identify the fluid in the pipe.
  • The end user observed a dramatic reduction of the external surface temperature with only a 6 mm insulation thickness.
  • No metal cladding was required.
  • The finished surface was easily painted to identify the fluid being processed in the piping.
Product Used

Pyrogel® 6350

Product OverviewInstallation Partner

Agosti Isolazioni Termiche, Italy

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