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Aerogel Insulates Tight Quarters to Keep House Boat Warm

Provides thermal benefits in areas where other insulations don´t fit
Original Equipment ManufacturerOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
  • Insulate a 40 ft, wide beam Caribbean cruiser that is classed as a river vessel.
  • The cabin was typically cold even when the sun was shining.
  • Space was very tight, restricting the use of thicker insulation materials.
  • The insulation also needed to be thin to minimize encroachment on living space in small rooms.
  • Other requirements included water resistance, noise abatement, breathability, and easy installation.
  • The Proctor Group developed a solution using its Spacetherm product, which is made of 9 mm Spaceloft® 9251 aeroge insulation.
  • Three layers of Spacetherm were installed in the cabin´s floor and walls, and two layers in the ceiling to conserve headroom.
  • Spacetherm provided the highest level of thermal insulation possible - a class-leading thermal conductivity of 0.013 W/m2K.
  • It met all thermal requirements with minimal thickness, which was vital in the space-contrained vessel cabin.
  • Spacetherm was flexible and cut easily to shape around windows, fixtures, and other irregular areas.
Product Used

Spaceloft® 9251

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