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Aerogel Insulation Enables Extremely Compact, Lightweight Sleeping System

Improves thermal performance while reducing pack size
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  • Develop a new sleeping system for the Marine Corps that improved thermal performance while reducing pack size.
  • Provide acceptable level of comfort, heat retention, and internal humidity in an operating range of 27° to - 40°C (80° to - 40°F).
  • Ensure the system would need minimal reconfiguration or user adjustment in the field.
  • The system needed to be water-resistant for use on moist ground or shallow standing water (less than ¼ in).
  • It could not use an internal or external power supply or rely on chemical reactions that must be replaced or reset.
  • Aspen Aerogels and Slumberjack designed a new sleeping system with Spaceloft® 3251 and Spaceloft® 6251 placed to capitalize on the high thermal value and compression resistance of aerogel.
  • This strategic placement of aerogel insulation reduced the pack size while maintaining the Clo value.
  • Spaceloft displayed Clo values over 11 per inch thickness, superior flexibility and no water absorption.
  • Spaceloft outperformed lofted insulations, which lose thermal resistance when compressed by the weight of a person. Spaceloft maintains its ithermal performance even when compressed.
Product Used

Spaceloft® 3251
Spaceloft® 6251

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